30 day drawing challenge - Day 1

My friends talked me into taking a 30 day drawing challenge after they've both completed the 30 day photography challenge, and well I couldn't say no.
Day 1: Yourself

Elf girl selfportrait

Pentel brush pen in a Moleskine sketchbook.
I used a reference photo taken by my friend Kristijan the photographer, who unfortunately doesn't have a web site I can plug. What a shame. Anyway I just couldn't nail that signature smile of mine, I guess that's another challenge I'll have to take eventually.
Here's a tiny sketch I did before the one I inked in a different sketchbook:

Elf girl sketch

A bonus, random drawing of a random non-existing person. To me he looks like a mix of Varys from GoT and Alisteir Crowley. My boyfriend said he looks like Kulilin from Dragonball.

male portrait sketch

Graphite pencil in Lega-lega sketchbook.