I'm Nela Dunato, a graphic designer and mixed media artist who also dabbles in anything related to arts and crafts.

Apart from basic art class in elementary school and a few months of drawing classes, I'm self-taught in everything I do, which includes drawing, painting (traditional and digital), graphic design, web design, photo-manipulation, photography, jewelry design, sewing, and crafts in general.

You may see my actual work on my official web site: Nela Dunato Art & Design. This blog has been a little dead lately, since I started writing regularly on my official blog – go check it out. I also have a new sketchbook gallery that features a selection of my looser work and studies.

You may also find me on Facebook and YouTube.

Nela Dunato


Cwtam is baby-talk for crtam which means "I'm drawing" in Croatian. This blog used to be a repository for my sketches, studies, and work in progress – anything that doesn't belong to my portfolio.

Everything you see on this website has been created by me, including the blogging tool. Which is rather crude, but works fine for me. If you notice any errors, please let me know.


You'll find tools and materials listed below every work. They include: graphite and charcoal pencils and sticks, mechanical pencil, ink, fineliners, ballpoint pens, color pencils, pastels, conté crayons, acrylic paint, watercolor, coffee, various papers, cardboard, canvas, polymer clay, plaster... and I won't even get started on mixed-media.

For my digital work I use a Wacom intuos3 large (A4) tablet (I used a small Genius tablet until July 2007), paint in Photoshop, and draw vectors in Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator.


Here is a list of reference books I own, and sometimes mention in my posts. Bold ones are recommended!


Artbooks and art history

  • Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer: M.C. Escher - The Graphic Work
  • Trewin Copplestone: The Life and Works of Hieronymus Bosch
  • Michael Gibson: Symbolism
  • H. R. Giger: WWW HR Giger Com
  • Mary Hollingsworth: Art in World History
  • Gilles Lambert: Caravaggio
  • James Laver, Amy de la Haye, Andrew Tucker: Costume and Fashion: A Concise History
  • Gilles Néret: Dalí
  • Alessandro Parronchi: Michelangelo Sculpture
  • Auguste Racinet: The Complete Costume History
  • HR Giger Arh+
  • Images of the Human Body