airplane boredom

I planned to draw a lot on my short trip to London, but instead I used it to recover my health and get some sleep.
This is the only sketch I did, made in mechanical pencil. Reference is from Peck's "Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist".
(there are some anatomical mistakes, I'm aware of it.)




Very nice usage of crosshatching, which I almost never use in sketching. The teeth is really nice.


That is AMAZING! I wish I could draw realistically T_T LOL


@Joy: thanks :) I practice crosshatching because I want to use it in ink eventually. Actually I already did, but it didn't turn out so good.

@Bubs: Thank you! Well drawing realism is just a matter of practice. Some pick it up pretty quick, some take more time, but I think everyone can do it if they try really hard.


OOo anatomy drawing! Nice work. I love crosshatching (I think I use it more than any other way of sketching)


that is impressive, i'm jealous of your skills!!:)