boring boats

Today I decided to do what I've been refraining from for... over 4(?) years. I decided to use my fancy Windsor & Newton sketchbook, the one that's been waiting around my room for the time when I can actually draw properly. And since that's going to be never, I better use it now before the moths eat it.

I hate boat drawings because I've seen an abundance of them being sold to tourists at the stands on the beach in my hometown, but I figured I should at least try one for variety's sake.

boats drawing

Black fineliners on A5 sketchbook.



It's not boring Nelaaa. =P I could never shade with only ink like that...

I really, really like the pinup lady line art, and those tree sketches (the white doesn't look all that bad on charcoal, just ashen) a few posts ago.


Hehe thank you, but the theme is still boring, can't deny that ;)

You think you couldn't? Come on, what makes you think that? You're awesome and very precise with henna, so I suppose you have steady hands, and that's all you need to draw with ink... the majority of this drawing is just random scribbling, stippling and crosshatching, and only a few lines that were well thought out.

Glad you like them :) But I bought white pastel today so there won't be any smudges!