Cartoon self as Kaali sketch

I have finally started working on my future web design and illustration portfolio (currently just a splash page with links to my other sites), which I have been planning for over a year I think. This is a sketch for an illustration that will be used in the design. If you notice any flaws, or think some tools are not clear enough, speak up :)

Cartoon selfportrait as Kaali



Was it cold in the room? :)

On a serious note, I like it. It represents you well. But you got to work on those proportions! The head is too small, the arms too long. The lower part of the body is just perfect.


Haha right :D the sketch contains details that won't be present in the finished work because I always sketch the nude figure first :) it even has a bellybutton.

Thanks! :)
I did my best to keep it accurate, used the 1:8 rule for the head, made sure my arms really reach that far when sitting in the same pose, but my boyfriend said the same thing so I guess it just doesn't look "proper" :) I will make the head a teensy weensy bit larger, and shorten the arms a bit.
I'm glad you think the legs look good, that part was most challenging :)