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Collection of surreal pencil sketches

I've been working on so many things lately I didn't have the time to update this sketchblog. I refuse to give it up, though!
My recent sketchbook entries follow a surreal theme, and I've been drawing a hell of a lot trees recently.

Surreal pencil sketch - tangled hair

Surreal pencil sketch - boy with a bird hood

Surreal pencil sketch - Winter

Surreal pencil sketch - random creepy tree creature

All of these are drawn with pencil in a Canson sketchbook.

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Male figure studies from life

I managed to talk my boyfriend into posing for me again. This was the last drawing of the session, and the most successful one:

Male nude figure drawing on toned paper

This one was the first. The torso is a bit too long and too narrow...

Male nude figure pencil drawing

These two were a bit quicker.

Male figure pencil drawings

I have to practice a lot more, but I'm OK with how this turned out.

More nude sketches

Today's nude sketches from photo reference. On the left digital sketch in Photoshop that I gave up on after realizing how off some things were, and on the right a pencil sketch that went a little better.

Nude sketch digital Nude sketch traditional

Taking the Draw 100 challenge

Recently I stumbled across an excellent site with video tutorials ctrl+Paint. The majority of stuff discussed is something I already know (by reading the same literature the author has, presumably) but there are some things he explains clearer than I have seen anywhere else. And he also mentioned the Draw 100 approach to things we suck at. Like the author of the video, my weakest spot are arms. I'm blaming having very thin arms with no muscles for my difficulty with understanding how arm muscless are supposed to work :P and when I look at muscles in the photos, I'm just puzzled, like I can't accept that they really look that way. They look "wrong" to me. Weird, I know.
Well, here's a batch of 10 arm sets referenced from photos, using a red mechanical pencil and a 2B graphite pencil.

Arms drawing practice

I have tried the "Draw 50 heads in a month" challenge before and failed. It lasted for a couple of days and I managed to make maybe 5 before forgetting about it completely. Now, I won't commit to doing this in a month, but I hope to get to 100 eventually. I probably won't bother you with all of them.

Hamster syndrome - more tools piling up

So yesterday I came home with a bunch of new stuff - I bought gold and white markers, various gel pens because my old dried out, and later I picked up the package at the post which carried a Pentel pocket Kanji Fude brush pen with refills, Staedtler Mars Carbon 2mm pencil leads in 4B softness, and 0.5mm red pencil leads. Weee!
So here are some of these tools used :)

Random disembodied sketches

I flipped through my sketchbook and realized that the pattern on inner covers makes a very nice backdrop for a drawing. I started with white acrylic but finished with white marker when I finally got one. Black, white and golden markers, gel pens and ink.

Random disembodied sketches

Random sketches. The red lead is quite nice, it does erase well (maybe not as easily as those col-erase pencils, but good enough), and they can be easily Photoshopped out, so I suppose I will use these very often! :)
Regarding carbon leads, someone on deviantART recommended them as superb, and since I had my mom's old lead holder already, I wanted to try them out. I haven't used them in a real setting yet, I'll try some shading later.

I haven't done much in brush pen except testing the strokes, but it looks very promising. And it doesn't show through on the sketchbook paper as much as my Steadtler Lumocolor pen.

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