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True gentleman

Look what the cat dragged in! *ta-dam-tsssssss*

So this is the first share-worthy sketch in my sketchbook number 10, since I've started using it in January this year. Depressing? Perhaps.

Gentleman cat and sleeping beauty ink and watercolor illustration

I drew this cat gentleman (gentlecat?) and the sleeping beauty for a weekly twitter challenge #crtkamo. Ink, watercolor and white gel pen.

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Sketching in the natural history museum

This is a stripped-down repost from my official blog. I have a few more days worth of sketches to post, which I'll do in the following few days.

Anyway, I was sketching taxidermied animals from life in the natural history museum.

Griffon vulture sketch

Griffon vulture pencil sketch, around 10 minutes.

Beech marten watercolor pencil sketch

Beech marten watercolor pencil sketch, around 15 minutes.

Red fox watercolor and ink sketch

Red fox watercolor and ink sketch, around 30 minutes.

As always, if you'd like to see my sketches and works-in-progress, follow me on instagram :)

Phoenix sketches for a shield design

I've been deep in a pile of client projects so I barely get a chance to do anything more than a doodle for myself these days, and they're not really worth sharing, so here's something I did for work.

I'm making a design for a shield of a House in a college (yes they actually have those in UK for real! I thought it was just a Harry Potter thing). They loved my Phoenix illustration so they've asked me to do something similar.

Phoenix sketches

Excuse me for the obnoxious copyright notice, but the last time I drew a phoenix it's been traced and ripped off in so many ways it's not even funny anymore (and I've managed to take down those I've found on stock vector sites).

Here are some quick shield mock-ups I sent the client along with the sketches:

Phoenix shield

Before that, I did some warm-up doodles with a brush pen, I kinda like them so here they are:

Phoenix ink doodles

Each took about a minute, it's a wonder what you can do with a brush, sometimes I feel like it's drawing itself and I don't have anything to do with it. I might make some Photoshop brushes with some of these soon, hmm.

EDIT: Here's the finished Phoenix design on my portfolio website.

Phoenix design

Dead sparrow

Yesterday our family cat brought a bird, and after he let it lying there I went to sketch it before burying it. It's not everyday that I get to draw a bird from up close.

Dead bird ink sketch

Brush pen in a sketchbook.

My first horse sketch from life

Precisely what it says on the tin - yesterday I went for a walk and passed by a horse ranch, and I took a few minutes to sketch the horse, than colored it at home.

Horse watercolor sketch

Pencil and watercolor in a Canson sketchbook.
He(?) really is that chubby :) in other note, I didn't do the hair color correctly, he had more whiter patches on the back but I was very quick and imprecise about it.

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