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The Sketchbook Project - Self-criticism

Pages 20 and 21 of The Sketchbook Project. Colored pencils in a 12.5x18cm sketchbook.

Self-criticism - colored pencil fantasy medusa portrait

I have successfully completed the project, and the sketchbook is on its way to Brooklyn, yay!
I will be posting other pages over the next couple of days, plus there will be a video of a sketchbook flip with me goofing around behind the camera for the very first time EVER, so stay tuned! ;)

Flora and Fauna the endless doodle

This was a project I did for a DeviantART group Swirly Artists, called the Endless Doodle. Each artist continues by building on the previous image and then develops his doodle freely. The progression looks quite nice, so be sure to take a look at the link.

Flora and fauna colored ink doodle

Brush pen, watercolor and colored pencils on an A5 Winsor & Newton sketchbook.
Here's just a pure ink piece:

Flora and fauna ink doodle

I would have probably left it like this if it wasn't a part of a project, but I was continuing from a doodle that had some bright colors in it, so leaving my own part black and white wouldn't make sense.

On a different note, I'm really terrible taking on projects like this while I have piles of work to do.

Urban and people sketching spree

Here are some of the sketches done in the past few days.

Watercolor sketches - front door with ironwork and foliage over the stairs

Details seen from my friend's veranda. Watercolor and ballpoint pen in a Lega-lega sketchbook.

Girl meditating sketch

My friends meditating. She didn't stand still too long so it's not very accurate. Watercolor pencil.

Portal statues in Rijeka watercolor sketch┼Żabica watercolor sketch

Nice statues near my office I did before work done in watercolor, and view from the office balcony I did during the lunch break, ballpoint pen and watercolor.

dog pen sketchesportrait sketches and a foot sketch in ballpoint penGirl sitting sketch in ballpoint pen

Quick sketches I did at my friend's house. Her brother's dog that wouldn't stand still for 2 seconds, and my friends.

30 day drawing challenge - Days 5-7

Day 5 - best friend:

Watercolor portrait

Watercolor on A4 watercolor paper. Used a photo reference, not very satisfied with how it turned out though :/ Sorry Petra!

Day 6 - favorite book:

Forrest Gump sketch

Brush pen, dip pen & ink, and marker in a Moleskine sketchook.
In case you haven't read it, that's "Forrest Gump" (in a scene that doesn't happen in the movie).

Day 7 - favorite movie:

El Laberinto del Fauno sketch

Watercolor and brush pen in a Lega-lega sketchbook.
Well I don't really have a favourite movie in a way I have favorite books - but this was one of those few that made me cry (during a time when I didn't cry so easily as I do now) so I guess that accounts for something.

30 day drawing challenge - Day 2

Favorite animal:

Bat sketch

Pentel brush pen and watercolor pencil in a Moleskine sketchbook.
I used a reference photo and well, I don't know what exactly I was trying to accomplish, but I know didn't do it. Oh well.

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