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Fantasy sketches from my vacation

I've been enjoying the work of Glenn Arthur on Instagram and since he uses color pencils a lot in his sketches, I decided to do some color pencil sketching with this glowing tattoo feel to it as well. Not bad for a first try I think.
All of the sketches are from my new Canson sketchbook.

Tentacle girl color pencil drawing

My boyfriend challenged me to draw a monster (and while I do draw monsters on occasion, they're all too humanoid) so I tried to do something more Sci-Fi. I used a fine-liner, and I think I still have a lot to work on in terms of comic-style ink shading.

arachnid monster ink drawing

This one I didn't manage to finish because I was testing combinations of skin tones first, and still haven't decided on what colors to use.

Mermaid pencil sketch

I'm working on some digital pieces now so I don't know when I'll finish her. EDIT: Finished!

Azrael returns

4 years ago I did the first drawing of Azrael. She was supposed to be my second LARP character, but our chapter fell apart so I never got to play her, boo hoo.

Azrael vampire lineart

Brush pen on A3 paper. I might color her tomorrow. I see now her torso is too narrow, I'll fix that.

Edit: Finished the coloring.

Azrael the Nosferatu

Morana sulking

Taking a break from posting the 30 day drawing challenge, I'll post a batch in a few days.
Trying to get a consistent look with the character of a comic I am in the process of writing (translation: I've hit a roadblock in the story and who knows when I'll finish it).

Morana lineart

Brush pen, dip pen & ink in a Moleskine sketchook.
Trying to get the traditional comic look, but I'm not so happy with it so far (my comic will not be made traditionally, but I still want to learn this). But at least I got the look of her face I wanted.
Unlike these:

Morana sketches

Which look like different people. I'm so bad at this.
Ballpoint pen in a Moleskine sketchbook.

Previously: Hello Mora, it's been a while

Spider lady

I was ill for a week and thus too tired to even get up from bed, let alone do something, like draw.. or whatever. Now just that I got better the weather is terrible and I have a million things to do and I'm feeling a bit depressed. So I decided to draw something to shake it off. Not really sure if it worked.

Spider lady in a dress ink sketch

Pentel brush pen in a Moleskine sketchbook.
I started drawing a lady in a dress and she just got the spider legs in the process... though they're not visible. I always wanted to draw Lolth, but this isn't how I imagined her :) I'll paint her some other day.

Laetitia sketches

I haven't worked on the painting recently so here's a sketcbook page. I tried to draw my former Vampire: the Requiem LARP character Laetitia Cavendish, but apparently I'm not able to draw her the same way twice. The watercolor pencil portrait is closest to how I imagine her. Top right is looking like an old librarian, lower right is supposed to be her in the modern day with hair loose (but she doesn't do that often).

Laetitia Cavendish

I'm currently looking for a new scanner, photographing is tedious and I don't have the perfect lighting conditions every day.

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