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Portrait WIP

I'm working on a painting that started with this sketch, here's a glimpse of the face without the tiger markings...


So far 6 hours of work, Photoshop + Wacom intuos3, referenced from mirror (sketch) and some photos of mine.

EDIT: Here's the finished version:

War paint

Orphaned work

These are some illustrations I did at work that got scrapped because they didn't match the style we were going for with this product - I ended up with something simplified. And the "out of the box" metaphor was just too "in your face" lol :D

Both are vectors done in Inkscape.

Out of the box

The cart is terrible, I know. I hate drawing shopping carts.


I'm really fond of this gelatinous graph. I actually might redo it in a more free color scheme and offer it as a stock, hm.

Ringarë (Narquelië remixed)

I decided to do a quick manipulation of an old painting of mine Narquelië I was never really thrilled with... Just warming up my fingers.

Ringarë winter ice queen


I watched the movie yesterday, and I loved the humanoid felines so much I had to make my own avatar :)


~2,5 hours in Photoshop.

Poetry night poster and other things

This is a quick drawing/design for my friend's poetry evening. It's supposed to be printed in black and white, so I didn't want to use many gray shades because who knows how it's going to turn out.

This is a logo for our Vampire: The Requiem website. I made a few versions, but this one got the most votes.

I finally started taking figurative drawing classes. I'm the oldest in the group and the other girls were complaining our first assignment (drawing a mannequin) was "too hard", so the teacher said she'll pick an easier task next time, which didn't make me very happy since I want to make progress. I hope eventually we'll get to portraits and figure drawing as she told me.

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