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Sketchbook update: doodles edition

It's been a while since I updated this blog, it gets challenging since I'm managing two other web sites and a dozen of social networks :) but today I'll share a backlog of my pages featuring mostly colorful doodles.

Art journal page

This page was done for a free course I took back in 2012 I think, and the assignment was to note all the ways we're being creative in our lives. I kinda like how this page turned out.

Ink doodles

Next comes a series of ink doodles I did with a fineliner, and some of them I colored with watercolors. I was doing these for a couple of days until I got bored.

Ink and watercolor doodles

Ink and watercolor doodles

Ink and watercolor doodles

The last one is a mandala done with soft pastels, which is my recent discovery. Just experimenting...

Colorful soft pastel mandala

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If you'd like to see more of my finished work, check out my official portfolio and blog!

Sketchbook update: art journal edition

I barely find the time to scan all my sketches and post them here, so I selected a few of the most interesting ones from the previous month. In today's post I have the ones that I do when just I want to relax or process stuff that's bothering me.

Surreal swirly female figure ink sketch

This doodle was done with a Sakura Micron fineliner and Pentel brush pen in a Canson sketchbook.

Art journal spread - Gouache paint, pastels and color pencils in a Moleskine sketchbook

I started on the right page because I was in pain because of my period and I felt really crappy, but then I decided to spread over to the left page which was covered in ink doodles and paint over that.
Gouache paint, pastels and color pencils in a Moleskine sketchbook.

Ink and colored pencil doodle

Pentel brush pen and colored pencils in a Canson sketchbook.

Dream journal - Gouache paint and colored pencil

This weird fellow appeared in my dream where I watched a video of a woman artist painting and the painting kept changing all the time. Actually my drawing looks nothing like it because the vision faded soon after I woke up, but the colors and the bird-man shape were what I remembered.
Gouache paint and colored pencil in a Canson sketchbook.

Paper cutting and watercolor

This was an experiment I did. I wanted to try paper cutting for a long time, but never had a proper scalpel. Then I bought a scalpel and a cutting mat and this is my first try. I cleaned it up a bit, but the paper tore in a couple of places, obviously I'm a beginner at this.
Paper cutting and watercolor in a Canson sketchbook.

If you'd like to see more of my sketches and works-in-progress, follow me on instagram :)

If you'd like to see more of my finished work, check out my official portfolio and blog!

Phoenix sketches for a shield design

I've been deep in a pile of client projects so I barely get a chance to do anything more than a doodle for myself these days, and they're not really worth sharing, so here's something I did for work.

I'm making a design for a shield of a House in a college (yes they actually have those in UK for real! I thought it was just a Harry Potter thing). They loved my Phoenix illustration so they've asked me to do something similar.

Phoenix sketches

Excuse me for the obnoxious copyright notice, but the last time I drew a phoenix it's been traced and ripped off in so many ways it's not even funny anymore (and I've managed to take down those I've found on stock vector sites).

Here are some quick shield mock-ups I sent the client along with the sketches:

Phoenix shield

Before that, I did some warm-up doodles with a brush pen, I kinda like them so here they are:

Phoenix ink doodles

Each took about a minute, it's a wonder what you can do with a brush, sometimes I feel like it's drawing itself and I don't have anything to do with it. I might make some Photoshop brushes with some of these soon, hmm.

EDIT: Here's the finished Phoenix design on my portfolio website.

Phoenix design

The Sketchbook Project - Shame

Page 9 of The Sketchbook Project. Fine-liner & white gel pen in a 12.5x18cm sketchbook.

Shame - ink drawing of a girl with flowing hair

Trying out a more "minimal" approach here, except the hair of course, since it's all about hair in this sketchbook :)

Flora and Fauna the endless doodle

This was a project I did for a DeviantART group Swirly Artists, called the Endless Doodle. Each artist continues by building on the previous image and then develops his doodle freely. The progression looks quite nice, so be sure to take a look at the link.

Flora and fauna colored ink doodle

Brush pen, watercolor and colored pencils on an A5 Winsor & Newton sketchbook.
Here's just a pure ink piece:

Flora and fauna ink doodle

I would have probably left it like this if it wasn't a part of a project, but I was continuing from a doodle that had some bright colors in it, so leaving my own part black and white wouldn't make sense.

On a different note, I'm really terrible taking on projects like this while I have piles of work to do.

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