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Phoenix sketches for a shield design

I've been deep in a pile of client projects so I barely get a chance to do anything more than a doodle for myself these days, and they're not really worth sharing, so here's something I did for work.

I'm making a design for a shield of a House in a college (yes they actually have those in UK for real! I thought it was just a Harry Potter thing). They loved my Phoenix illustration so they've asked me to do something similar.

Phoenix sketches

Excuse me for the obnoxious copyright notice, but the last time I drew a phoenix it's been traced and ripped off in so many ways it's not even funny anymore (and I've managed to take down those I've found on stock vector sites).

Here are some quick shield mock-ups I sent the client along with the sketches:

Phoenix shield

Before that, I did some warm-up doodles with a brush pen, I kinda like them so here they are:

Phoenix ink doodles

Each took about a minute, it's a wonder what you can do with a brush, sometimes I feel like it's drawing itself and I don't have anything to do with it. I might make some Photoshop brushes with some of these soon, hmm.

EDIT: Here's the finished Phoenix design on my portfolio website.

Phoenix design

Crucify study

It's been over a year since I last worked on some actual artwork that takes over a day to finish... so here it is! Except it's not finished artwork - just a study for a painting.

Crucify study

Model: my friend Jasna
Graphite and white pastel on 50x70cm toned paper. Took me around 6 and half hours over the course of a few days.

I'll begin working on a new acrylic painting tomorrow, and I decided to start with a detailed graphite study in actual size. I haven't done that before, I usually just make a loose sketch and gather references and try my best to do it right on canvas, but experience has shown I mess up proportions every time and it takes a ton of time to fix it. So now I've hopefully gotten things right on paper, so I can transfer it to canvas and speed up the painting process.
Not sure how the transferring is going to go though, I know how it works in theory, but I've never done it.

Update: Here is the finished painting!

Crucify painting

The Sketchbook Project - Dualist

Pages 22 and 23 of The Sketchbook Project. Graphite pencil and ink (brush pen) in a 12.5x18cm sketchbook.

Dualist - angel and demon graphite and ink portrait

Because I have forgotten to update the sketchblog with this one earlier, I'm going to post 2 posts today. Coming up next, today's SketchCrawl portraits.

The Sketchbook Project - Self-criticism

Pages 20 and 21 of The Sketchbook Project. Colored pencils in a 12.5x18cm sketchbook.

Self-criticism - colored pencil fantasy medusa portrait

I have successfully completed the project, and the sketchbook is on its way to Brooklyn, yay!
I will be posting other pages over the next couple of days, plus there will be a video of a sketchbook flip with me goofing around behind the camera for the very first time EVER, so stay tuned! ;)

The Sketchbook Project - Imagination

Pages 16 and 17 of The Sketchbook Project.

Imagination - watercolor visionary portrait

Watercolor, colored pencils, gouache and gel pens in a 12.5x18cm sketchbook. The paper is terrible for watercolor, I had to photograph it because the scan was all wrinkled. Getting accurate colors with this is impossible, you have to trust me that it looks much richer in person.

Here is a detail of the glittery 3rd eye:

Imagination - detail of the 3rd eye

12 more days to go, 22 pages + covers to fill up... Wish me luck.

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