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Crucify study

It's been over a year since I last worked on some actual artwork that takes over a day to finish... so here it is! Except it's not finished artwork - just a study for a painting.

Crucify study

Model: my friend Jasna
Graphite and white pastel on 50x70cm toned paper. Took me around 6 and half hours over the course of a few days.

I'll begin working on a new acrylic painting tomorrow, and I decided to start with a detailed graphite study in actual size. I haven't done that before, I usually just make a loose sketch and gather references and try my best to do it right on canvas, but experience has shown I mess up proportions every time and it takes a ton of time to fix it. So now I've hopefully gotten things right on paper, so I can transfer it to canvas and speed up the painting process.
Not sure how the transferring is going to go though, I know how it works in theory, but I've never done it.

Update: Here is the finished painting!

Crucify painting

Maple elemental study

A few days before I moved from my old apartment I was walking around my hood and found scattered leaves from the poor trees that were suffering from draught. Since I already had an idea of drawing plant elementals, I picked up some leaves and seeds for reference and drew this in my sketchbook:

Maple elemental pencil and watercolor drawing

Graphite pencil and watercolor in a Canson sketchbook. I plan to turn this into a digital painting so critique is very welcome.
Here are some steps from sketch to finish:

Maple elemental work in progress sketches

Male figure studies from life

I managed to talk my boyfriend into posing for me again. This was the last drawing of the session, and the most successful one:

Male nude figure drawing on toned paper

This one was the first. The torso is a bit too long and too narrow...

Male nude figure pencil drawing

These two were a bit quicker.

Male figure pencil drawings

I have to practice a lot more, but I'm OK with how this turned out.

A day at the beach with guest artist

Yesterday my boyfriend David and I went to the beach. When showed him something in my sketchbook, he snatched my pen and started to sketch himself :) so I took my other sketchbook and proceeded to paint.

Beach watercolor sketch

Watercolor in a small Moleskine watercolor notebook
David's drawing was that of a similar view, accompanied by a interesting looking spaceship:

Beach and spaceship sketch ballpoint pen by David

Next, I did a sketch of a guy lying nearby, and after that David took the sketchbook again and drew a graffiti sketch allegedly saying "Nela".

Lying figure sketch and David's graffiti

While he was drawing the graffiti, I was sketching him:

Portrait watercolor sketch

Sketching him is always a pain because he won't stand still. But at least I was happy to share the fun of sketching with him for once :)

Today we went to the nearby mountain Učka, and after that sat down for a drink in a tavern. There I sketched this:

Tavern terrace watercolor and ink sketch

Brush pen and watercolor in a cheap Lega-lega sketchbook.

Urban and people sketching spree

Here are some of the sketches done in the past few days.

Watercolor sketches - front door with ironwork and foliage over the stairs

Details seen from my friend's veranda. Watercolor and ballpoint pen in a Lega-lega sketchbook.

Girl meditating sketch

My friends meditating. She didn't stand still too long so it's not very accurate. Watercolor pencil.

Portal statues in Rijeka watercolor sketchŽabica watercolor sketch

Nice statues near my office I did before work done in watercolor, and view from the office balcony I did during the lunch break, ballpoint pen and watercolor.

dog pen sketchesportrait sketches and a foot sketch in ballpoint penGirl sitting sketch in ballpoint pen

Quick sketches I did at my friend's house. Her brother's dog that wouldn't stand still for 2 seconds, and my friends.

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