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Small statue sketches

More quick sketches in my small teNeues sketchbook, with a black watercolor pencil and a waterbrush.

Statue of a woman sketchStatue of Ivan Zajc sketch

The statue of a woman is made of stone, and this sketch took about 10 minutes. The second is a statue of Ivan Zajc cast in bronze, it took around 5 minutes and doesn't look very good because I was sitting far away and my eyesight is terrible.

More nude sketches

Today's nude sketches from photo reference. On the left digital sketch in Photoshop that I gave up on after realizing how off some things were, and on the right a pencil sketch that went a little better.

Nude sketch digital Nude sketch traditional

Complete Metamorphosis work-in-progress

Finally finished! :) I'm pretty much satisfied, though I'm not sure I'll use watercolor in this exact manner again.

Demon girl painting

  1. Pencil sketch
  2. Pen & ink line-art
  3. Light ink wash on the skin, painted wings and exposed flesh in watercolor (Ivory black and Crimson).
  4. Painted the background in several layers of watercolor (Ultramarine, Pthalo green, Raw umber).
  5. More layers of Ultramarine on the background.
  6. Washes of Burnt sienna on the skin and hair, roughing in the net with Chinese white and Ivory black watercolor.
  7. More shadows on the skin with Ivory black, a light wash of Raw umber + Quinacridone Magenta. Added the veins on wings with Ivory black, and all the detailing on the net with Titanium white acrylic paint.

Finished painting:


Watercolor, ink and acrylic on 35x50cm watercolor paper. I don't know how many hours, but only the last step took 6 hours, so you do the math.

Metamorphosis WIP 3

I have neglected it a bit, and still I'm not done, but it's 2 A.M... *yawn*

Demon girl painting

I don't know what to do with the skin, if anything. Skin tones done with diluted acrylic on Animus look so much better.

Nude sketches

I did some 1-minute gesture sketches using the Figure Drawing Training Tool, and another one that took maybe 5 minutes. The nude in grayscale was done some time ago but I forgot to post it here.

Nude sketches

Nude sketch Nude sketch

And these are some face sketches I did in a pub today after 3 beers, tee hee :P


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