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Yet another demon winged chick

Demon girl ink

Ink lineart of a new piece I'm working on... there are more details on the drawing but the pencils can't be seen because it's a poor quality photo.

This is a rework of a really old, crappy sketch I did in 2005 that you can see here. I changed the concept drastically, but at least she still has wings, heh..

Summer sketches

Here are some of the things I doodled in my sketchbook that I can show (other things are plans for future work, and I don't share those ;)). My boyfriend reading a book at the beach and some things from my table at the beach bar. Ballpoint pen.

sketch young man reading
sketch young man reading
sketch glass glasses sunset

And this is a page from some months earlier that I was lazy to scan, flowers on my mom's balcony. Fineliner and watercolor pencils.


Friends' figures

I have two friends who are into martial arts (and are ninjas in training :D), I referenced this from their Facebook photos.
The lady at the bottom is referenced from Bouguereau's "Bathers".

Friends and Bouguereau

Sketching pencils on toned paper.

Male figure study

Yesterday my boyfriend posed for me for the first time, and hopefully not the last, although he didn't find this pose comfortable enough :P

Male nude figure conte crayon

Conté on packing paper, 60 x 40 cm

Drawing class, part II

More drawings I did at the class... The first one is pencil, the rest are charcoal.

female torsofemale torsomale torsomale torsofootarm

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