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Summer trip No 3

I took a week off and went to my parent's place, where I had a real vacation that was all beach, coffee, going out, staying up until 5 AM sort of thing, and the only drawing I did was in my sketchbook, although I took a whole bag of art supplies with me.
I bought a new sketchbook the day before the trip and I've added my review of it to the post My Sketchbooks Comparison so you can read more about it there.

This is just the observational stuff, I'll put the rest in a separate post tomorrow.

Seaside watercolor sketchRocks pencil sketchJuice and ice coffee glasses watercolor sketchFoot colored pencil sketch

Watercolors were painted using my mini handmade watercolor sketch kit, rocks are done with a 2B mechanical pencil, and the foot was made using a sanguine oil pencil and the background with a black watercolor pencil.

Summer trip No 2

Back from my Serbia trip. Sketching was almost a total failure, only got these 2 sketches to show:

House watercolor sketchLandscape watercolor sketch

Watercolor in my cheap Lega-lega sketchbook that wrinkles badly so the quality is blah.

Summer trip No 1

We had a long holiday weeknd in Croatia so I spent a few days at my parents' place with my boyfriend. I did a tiny bit of sketching.

Beach bar watercolor sketchFlowers watercolor sketchGrill watercolor sketch

The first was made with my mini handmade watercolor sketch kit, and others with my Sakura Koi kit in a small Moleskine watercolor notebook.

Boyfriend sketch

A sketch of my boyfriend that does look a bit like him, made with a graphite pencil and watercolor pencils.

35th worldwide SketchCrawl

As far as I know, this was the first sketchcrawl organized in Rijeka, and maybe even in Croatia. First Djuro and I met around 11 A.M. and sat down in a cafe where we waited for Eda and Iva. Iva brought her little son Vito who seems most enthusiastic about drawing and started right away. We talked a bit, discussed drawing supplies (Djuro bought her first watercolor pencils and hasn't tried them out yet), and slowly started sketching. My first sketch was my glass coffee cup:

coffee cup sketch

Watercolor pencils in a Moleskine sketchbook.

Next I sketched Iva who was sitting across the table:

watercolor sketch portrait

I used my Sakura Koi watercolors, Pentel Aquash waterbrushes and a small Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. This is what I used for all the remaining sketches - I haven't even opened my larger W&N watercolor sketchbook.

The weather was very unstable, alternating between rain and sunshine (and both) so we decided to move to a different cafe instead of walking around the city. We grabbed something to eat, then went to a cafe that overlooks the port. Here's where I sketched the breakwater with cranes, a sort of typical Rijeka motif.

Rijeka port with cranes watercolors sketch

I drew the cranes with a Pentel brush pen and got frustrated because the ink wasn't flowing properly and had this very textured look on paper. The brush seemed very dry, and when I took it apart I saw why - the cartridge was empty. I didn't expect it to be empty so soon because I didn't have the feeling like I was using it so much so I didn't even bother to check the level. Lesson learned.

Anyway, there was an artistic performance - sheep shearing - and an exhibition on the pier so we went to check it out. We got there, looked at the exhibits and the shearing, got some free red wine and Pag cheese, and sat up on the pier enjoying the view of the city. The clouds were moving fast so the lighting on the city changed by the minute - but I felt like sketching it anyway and did this very pale looking sketch:

Rijeka panorama watercolor sketch

Other girls gave up on sketching, but other two friends of mine came along - Nina and Maja - so I shared my drawing tools with them and they did some sketching as well.
Then I sketched Nina.

watercolor sketch portrait

After that Maja and I went to yet another cafe, the same one I drew the Rijeka city clock tower at, and I did the last sketch of the church of Saint Vitus:

Rijeka rooftops watercolor sketch

It was 8 P.M. when I went home, a very long day during which I only did a few sketches, but overall I think it went well. The girls enjoyed it and there was some mention on making this a regular thing on our own? I would sure like that :)
Here are some bonus Instagram photos (bottom left is Djuro's sketch of me :)):

instagram sketch photo instagram sketch photo

Speedpaints vol. 1

Here's a couple of speedpaints from a few months ago. They usually take 30-60 minutes, except for the skull which took longer, and is still quite blurry. I used a photo reference for the skull.
Photoshop 7 and a Genius A6 tablet.

sky and sea
sad girl

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