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sketchbook update

I finally started driving school. I do pay attention to the class, but my hands have to be kept busy at all times. (yep, I'm a very mercurial type)
You can see some preliminary sketches for my last digital painting at the bottom.

sketchbook page 28

This one was started at college (hand, eye), continued during the driving school lecture (glass, ear) and finished at home before bedtime yesterday (candlestick, shuriken).

sketchbook page 29

As usual, black and red ballpoint pen.

warming up

Today's lecture was almost interesting, the professor is a funny man and can keep his audience awake with his witticisms. But I still decided to pass.
I feel a bit rusty, but here it is. No horror vacui on the first one!

ballpoint sketches
evil gnome etc.

back to school

The first week back at college hasn't been very fruitful... actually I didn't go there much at all. But now I'm back with my sketchbook ballpoints.

ballpoint sketch

how you guys get here

I admit, I'm guilty of it — typing questions in the search box, hoping to find a tutorial about the topic. But it's still funny when I find it in my logs. So here's what people type in and mysteriously get here.

how to sketch curvy women

I honestly don't know, I rarely do those.

how to draw eyes and lips

Try searching with quotes: "how to draw eyes", "how to draw lips".

what a fashion sketch should look like

From what I gather, there's no rule. It's important to show how the clothes looks, and people may resemble a hanger, no one will care.

how did michelangelo know how to draw the human body so well?

My guess is he devoted years of his time to study and practice, mainly drawing from life. Just a guess.

how to draw nude chicks

By looking at nude chicks.

lecture boring?


why lectures are boring

Because you're studying something that doesn't interest you. Or perhaps you are interested, but the teacher is so dull he manages to ruin it for everyone, as was the case with my programming class.

great nude chicks

I doubt you were happy with your find.




I don't want those of you who came here for the sketches to feel cheated, so here's something abstract I did in ballpoint pen during the *sigh* lectures.

abstract sketch abstract sketch

bad student

random sketches

Black and red ballpoint pen.

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