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Summer trip No 3

I took a week off and went to my parent's place, where I had a real vacation that was all beach, coffee, going out, staying up until 5 AM sort of thing, and the only drawing I did was in my sketchbook, although I took a whole bag of art supplies with me.
I bought a new sketchbook the day before the trip and I've added my review of it to the post My Sketchbooks Comparison so you can read more about it there.

This is just the observational stuff, I'll put the rest in a separate post tomorrow.

Seaside watercolor sketchRocks pencil sketchJuice and ice coffee glasses watercolor sketchFoot colored pencil sketch

Watercolors were painted using my mini handmade watercolor sketch kit, rocks are done with a 2B mechanical pencil, and the foot was made using a sanguine oil pencil and the background with a black watercolor pencil.

Lilac tree by the window

I just finished a watercolor sketch I did while sitting by my window. Finally everything is green so my neighbourhood looks quite lovely.

Lilac tree and houseplants sketch

I posted a few photos of the work in progress on Instagram, if you want to follow me there for real time updates, the username is nelchee :)

instagram sketch photo instagram sketch photo

Sketchbook addict strikes again

Seriously, I have to stop buying art supplies faster than I can use them. I gave in and bought a Moleskine. Le gasp! It's a large (that's what they call it, I think of it as medium-sized) sketchbook with red covers. I would have gotten black if they had it in the store, I think this one screams for attention too much.
The reason I bought it is that I wanted a larger sketchbook with smooth pages for inking - my Lega-lega one has tooth and it doesn't work well with a brush pen. I'm not crazy about the yellow tone of pages though - I like a neutral off-white of my other sketchbooks a lot more.
Anyway, I did one sketch in it so far, some more flowers from the book I mentioned.

flowers sketch

Pentel pocket brush pen, Koh-i-Noor watercolor pencils, Pentel Aquash waterbrush.

I mispelled the plant name. It's zantedeschia.

EDIT: Turns out this Moleskine sketchbook is pretty terrible for inking. It soaks up ink in a very weird way, so everything looks faded and un-uniform. Definitely *not* for calligraphy! My quest for the perfect sketchbook continues.

Dry stone wall sketch

On my way home from work I sat down on a rock in a park and started sketching, totally unplanned. There were people with dogs there, but few passed by me, although when they did I felt them staring for a while. I just tried my best to ignore them, I hate when people watch me drawing.
Anyway this is a sketch with my pocket Pentel brush pen. Still learning how to control it properly. It's capable of producing hair thin lines, but only if you're veeeery careful. And I'm like Mrs. Precise Hand yet I still mess up.

park sketch

I love pure black ink drawings, but this scene really lacks depth (or it is because I'm not that good yet), so I colored it at home with watercolor pencils, using a waterbrush.

park sketch

Done in my small sketchbook.

More flowers and photo typography

I haven't had much time to draw in the last 3 days with this workshop, but I did this in my sketchbook on Monday before sleep with a brush pen and watercolor. Again referenced from my "The Agile Rabbit Picture Atlas of Flowers".

Flowers drawing

And here is a piece of typography me and my 3 team-mates did at the last day of Max Kisman workshop. We had to take photos of objects that look like letters and assemble it into a sentence. If you live in the northern coast of Croatia you might have a chance of understanding it. It has some funky diacritics too.

photo typography

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