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Watercolor flowers

I'm a newbie in watercolor so here is a bit of practice. I used photos from the book "The Agile Rabbit Picture Atlas of Flowers" as reference. As you can see the first two are pretty crappy, but the rest is OK I think. Too bad the rose didn't scan properly, it looks very delicate in person.

flowers watercolor painting

Sakura Koi pan watercolors, Maimeri Venezia tubed watercolors, Pentel Aquash waterbrushes and regular brushes on A4 paper.

boring boats

Today I decided to do what I've been refraining from for... over 4(?) years. I decided to use my fancy Windsor & Newton sketchbook, the one that's been waiting around my room for the time when I can actually draw properly. And since that's going to be never, I better use it now before the moths eat it.

I hate boat drawings because I've seen an abundance of them being sold to tourists at the stands on the beach in my hometown, but I figured I should at least try one for variety's sake.

boats drawing

Black fineliners on A5 sketchbook.

some trees

I went out for a walk and drew some trees with charcoal. I'm trying to overcome my fear of drawing in front of people. Every time someone passed by I twitched and tried to hide my drawing :/
Anyway, white pencil over charcoal gives an awful result (as seen of first picture) so there shouldn't be even a little charcoal on the parts to be highlighted... blah.
They got smudged a bit before I got home to fix them with a hairspray.

charcoal tree
charcoal tree
charcoal trees

Charcoal pencil on A4 yellow textured paper. Around 15 minutes each.

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