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Azrael process

Today I finidhed a new personal digital painting, and here are a few process steps:

Azrael digital painting WIP

The first step is after 2 hours, the second step after 4 hours, and last it the final image after 5 hours 50 minutes total. You can see the large finished work here.

SketchCrawl portraits

Today a few of my friends met up at a coffee shop at the top of a building with a nice view, and we sketched for 2 hours. Unfortunately our obligations didn't allow us to spend the entire day sketching like we did last time. Here are my 2 sketches:

Pencil portrait on toned paper

My friend Maja done with sanguine, black and white pencils on toned paper.

Watercolor little girl portrait

Maja's little sister Nina done with watercolor in a sketchbook.

And here are some photos so you can compare haha! :)
My sketching partners Nina, Josipa and Maja happily sketching away:

SketchCrawl sketching

And here are Nina, me and Maja with our portraits: Nina's drawing of me, and my drawings of Nina and Maja. (We forgot to include Nina's drawing of Maja which is also wonderful!)

SketchCrawl results

Next time we're spending an entire afternoon sketching outside, promise :)

The Sketchbook Project - Imagination

Pages 16 and 17 of The Sketchbook Project.

Imagination - watercolor visionary portrait

Watercolor, colored pencils, gouache and gel pens in a 12.5x18cm sketchbook. The paper is terrible for watercolor, I had to photograph it because the scan was all wrinkled. Getting accurate colors with this is impossible, you have to trust me that it looks much richer in person.

Here is a detail of the glittery 3rd eye:

Imagination - detail of the 3rd eye

12 more days to go, 22 pages + covers to fill up... Wish me luck.

Maple elemental study

A few days before I moved from my old apartment I was walking around my hood and found scattered leaves from the poor trees that were suffering from draught. Since I already had an idea of drawing plant elementals, I picked up some leaves and seeds for reference and drew this in my sketchbook:

Maple elemental pencil and watercolor drawing

Graphite pencil and watercolor in a Canson sketchbook. I plan to turn this into a digital painting so critique is very welcome.
Here are some steps from sketch to finish:

Maple elemental work in progress sketches

Flowers in her hair

I moved to a new apartment this weekend, which is larger than my former one and I have a proper work desk now, yay! Anyway, the landlords found some old gouache paint in the attic and gave it to me. I haven't used gouache since primary school, but I thought why not, I have this Moleskine sketchbook I hate using with everything else because the paper sucks (figuratively and literally), so I might as well use it for gouache mixed media things.

Flowers in her hair gouache painting

Gouache and watercolor pencils in a Moleskine sketchbook.
It's painted upside-down on a page opposite of Art nouveau antler girl, there was ink showing through the paper in the shape of her hair, so I decided to take this shape and run from there.
Using gouache was very frustrating. I'm used to doing dozens of layers with acrylic, and with gouache every new layer wet the one beneath so I ruined parts that were painted well many times. A positive thing is that the surface is very matte and powdery so you can use pencils over it, unlike acrylic which dries plastic.
Well, watercolor was frustrating first couple of times as well, so I might even learn to like it, I just have to figure out how to use it properly. It's not like they taught us anything useful in primary school art class.

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