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Flowers in her hair

I moved to a new apartment this weekend, which is larger than my former one and I have a proper work desk now, yay! Anyway, the landlords found some old gouache paint in the attic and gave it to me. I haven't used gouache since primary school, but I thought why not, I have this Moleskine sketchbook I hate using with everything else because the paper sucks (figuratively and literally), so I might as well use it for gouache mixed media things.

Flowers in her hair gouache painting

Gouache and watercolor pencils in a Moleskine sketchbook.
It's painted upside-down on a page opposite of Art nouveau antler girl, there was ink showing through the paper in the shape of her hair, so I decided to take this shape and run from there.
Using gouache was very frustrating. I'm used to doing dozens of layers with acrylic, and with gouache every new layer wet the one beneath so I ruined parts that were painted well many times. A positive thing is that the surface is very matte and powdery so you can use pencils over it, unlike acrylic which dries plastic.
Well, watercolor was frustrating first couple of times as well, so I might even learn to like it, I just have to figure out how to use it properly. It's not like they taught us anything useful in primary school art class.

Mermaid finished

The sketch I posted the other day is colored:

Mermaid watercolor drawing

Pencil and watercolor in an A5 Canson sketchbook.
There was a storm here so I had to turn off my computer, and then I used my time to draw. I did some more things in my sketchbooks, but they were mostly fails so I decided not to share them here. I felt like today wasn't my day. I even messed up the mermaids eyes in the very end. Oh well.

An illustration I completely forgot to post

This was a secret project so I wasn't allowed to post it right away, and when I could I didn't remember to do it. It was a free (pro bono) rush work so it's very rough. Most of the details got lost in the budget print so I didn't bother painting details in the background, just the main character and a hinting of the monsters.

Istromancer cover illustration

Characters include Davor Šišović, the central figure of the book and the recipient of this unusual gift, the giant Veli Jože, vampire Jure Grando and a female supernatural creature that could be a Mora (nightmare), or a štriga (witch).

You can see the footage of the guerrilla book presentation here.

Watercolor flowers

I'm a newbie in watercolor so here is a bit of practice. I used photos from the book "The Agile Rabbit Picture Atlas of Flowers" as reference. As you can see the first two are pretty crappy, but the rest is OK I think. Too bad the rose didn't scan properly, it looks very delicate in person.

flowers watercolor painting

Sakura Koi pan watercolors, Maimeri Venezia tubed watercolors, Pentel Aquash waterbrushes and regular brushes on A4 paper.

Complete Metamorphosis work-in-progress

Finally finished! :) I'm pretty much satisfied, though I'm not sure I'll use watercolor in this exact manner again.

Demon girl painting

  1. Pencil sketch
  2. Pen & ink line-art
  3. Light ink wash on the skin, painted wings and exposed flesh in watercolor (Ivory black and Crimson).
  4. Painted the background in several layers of watercolor (Ultramarine, Pthalo green, Raw umber).
  5. More layers of Ultramarine on the background.
  6. Washes of Burnt sienna on the skin and hair, roughing in the net with Chinese white and Ivory black watercolor.
  7. More shadows on the skin with Ivory black, a light wash of Raw umber + Quinacridone Magenta. Added the veins on wings with Ivory black, and all the detailing on the net with Titanium white acrylic paint.

Finished painting:


Watercolor, ink and acrylic on 35x50cm watercolor paper. I don't know how many hours, but only the last step took 6 hours, so you do the math.

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