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Cricket noises everywhere

This place hasn't been updated in a while... I had dedicated the majority of my free time to client projects (this is now changing). I still sketch every single day, but most of it is not very good.
Here are some sketches I did recently. Top left is view from my window in Pilot Parallel pen which doesn't have waterproof ink. Bottom left is again, view from my window, this time in waterproof brush pen. On the right are some things that caught my attention.

Brush pen & watercolor sketches

This following sketch is something I completely about. I couldn't decide whether to draw a boy or a girl so I drew something that was not obviously either. Ang he/she has a huge nose.

Pencil portrait

I have some new sketches on the way. If you'd like to be updated more regularly, you can follow me on instagram :)

Color pencil portrait sketch

Yesterday night I wanted to do a quick sketch, that got out of hand and turned into this:

Colored pencil portrait

Derwent Coloiursoft pencils in Moleskine sketchbook.
I realized something was off with the eye and head, but it was too late to fix by then.. Meh. I need a lot more practice.

Crucify study

It's been over a year since I last worked on some actual artwork that takes over a day to finish... so here it is! Except it's not finished artwork - just a study for a painting.

Crucify study

Model: my friend Jasna
Graphite and white pastel on 50x70cm toned paper. Took me around 6 and half hours over the course of a few days.

I'll begin working on a new acrylic painting tomorrow, and I decided to start with a detailed graphite study in actual size. I haven't done that before, I usually just make a loose sketch and gather references and try my best to do it right on canvas, but experience has shown I mess up proportions every time and it takes a ton of time to fix it. So now I've hopefully gotten things right on paper, so I can transfer it to canvas and speed up the painting process.
Not sure how the transferring is going to go though, I know how it works in theory, but I've never done it.

Update: Here is the finished painting!

Crucify painting

The Sketchbook Project 2013 - Completed!

On January 15th I've completed the sketchbook and sent it to Brooklyn. I still haven't received word of its arrival, I hope nothing bad happened to it.
Here is a scan of the final cover, and the sketchbook flip video is below.

The Sketchbook Project 2013 cover in colored pencils

Colored pencils, fine-liner and white gel pen on toned paper.

And here is a video of the sketchbook, with my commentary on every page.

Hope you enjoyed it! And remember, if you're living in or near the cities where The Sketchbook Project is touring, make sure you go and see all those wonderful sketchbooks in person! :)

SketchCrawl portraits

Today a few of my friends met up at a coffee shop at the top of a building with a nice view, and we sketched for 2 hours. Unfortunately our obligations didn't allow us to spend the entire day sketching like we did last time. Here are my 2 sketches:

Pencil portrait on toned paper

My friend Maja done with sanguine, black and white pencils on toned paper.

Watercolor little girl portrait

Maja's little sister Nina done with watercolor in a sketchbook.

And here are some photos so you can compare haha! :)
My sketching partners Nina, Josipa and Maja happily sketching away:

SketchCrawl sketching

And here are Nina, me and Maja with our portraits: Nina's drawing of me, and my drawings of Nina and Maja. (We forgot to include Nina's drawing of Maja which is also wonderful!)

SketchCrawl results

Next time we're spending an entire afternoon sketching outside, promise :)

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