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Sketchbooks update - urban edition

I haven't been sketching much because I was busy with a very important event that happens every year in October (and I don't mean my birthday) so I was working double shifts, balancing office work, freelance work and pro bono work... thank goodness it's over because I was just at the end of my wits.
During this time I finally got my belated pay check so I got some new art supplies - among them Derwent Coloursoft pencils (barely tested them!), and I wont the 3rd place at the Canson contest (yay!) and in turn got a bunch of fancy sketchbooks and a Van Gogh pocket watercolour set that's really neat. I've been carrying it around lately instead of my mini handmade watercolor box because it's not as bulky as my Sakura Koi box.

So anyway. I'm trying to get back into shape with regular sketching. On Saturday I had a sketching date with my friend (hi, Maja!) and produced the following view from her balcony:

Urban sketching of Rijeka in watercolour

She made a very lovely drawing in watercolour pencils too, and I hope we'll repeat this sometime soon.
On Sunday I stopped on my way home to sketch a small kitsch lamppost.

Statue sketch in watercolor

The last one is more than a month old, a small pond in the park near my new apartment.

Urban sketching of Rijeka in watercolor

Oh and my new apartment! It's wonderful. I finally have enough room for a proper work desk, and a cabinet for my art supplies♥ I feel I'm going to make a lot of art while I'm here.

Beach bar Pajol sketch

Quick sketch of the beach bar in Rijeka from this morning, with a brush pen in my Canson sketchbook.

Beach bar ink sketch

Another visit to the Woman statue

A few months ago I did some statue sketching, among them a baroque sculpture by Orazio Marinali. Today I sketched the same statue in more detail.

Statue of a woman watercolor sketch

Watercolor in an A5 Winsor & Newton sketchbook.
The sunlight changed quickly, so some shadows may not match the others... I was too slow.

Fragment of Dominican monastery in Rijeka

Sketched during today's (prolonged) lunch break - the Dominican monastery that's a part of St Jerome's church.

Tower of dominican monastery watercolor and ink sketch

Brush pen, fine-liner and watercolor in a small Moleskine watercolor notebook.

A day at the beach with guest artist

Yesterday my boyfriend David and I went to the beach. When showed him something in my sketchbook, he snatched my pen and started to sketch himself :) so I took my other sketchbook and proceeded to paint.

Beach watercolor sketch

Watercolor in a small Moleskine watercolor notebook
David's drawing was that of a similar view, accompanied by a interesting looking spaceship:

Beach and spaceship sketch ballpoint pen by David

Next, I did a sketch of a guy lying nearby, and after that David took the sketchbook again and drew a graffiti sketch allegedly saying "Nela".

Lying figure sketch and David's graffiti

While he was drawing the graffiti, I was sketching him:

Portrait watercolor sketch

Sketching him is always a pain because he won't stand still. But at least I was happy to share the fun of sketching with him for once :)

Today we went to the nearby mountain Učka, and after that sat down for a drink in a tavern. There I sketched this:

Tavern terrace watercolor and ink sketch

Brush pen and watercolor in a cheap Lega-lega sketchbook.

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