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A day at the beach with guest artist

Yesterday my boyfriend David and I went to the beach. When showed him something in my sketchbook, he snatched my pen and started to sketch himself :) so I took my other sketchbook and proceeded to paint.

Beach watercolor sketch

Watercolor in a small Moleskine watercolor notebook
David's drawing was that of a similar view, accompanied by a interesting looking spaceship:

Beach and spaceship sketch ballpoint pen by David

Next, I did a sketch of a guy lying nearby, and after that David took the sketchbook again and drew a graffiti sketch allegedly saying "Nela".

Lying figure sketch and David's graffiti

While he was drawing the graffiti, I was sketching him:

Portrait watercolor sketch

Sketching him is always a pain because he won't stand still. But at least I was happy to share the fun of sketching with him for once :)

Today we went to the nearby mountain Učka, and after that sat down for a drink in a tavern. There I sketched this:

Tavern terrace watercolor and ink sketch

Brush pen and watercolor in a cheap Lega-lega sketchbook.

More Rijeka fragments in ballpoint pen

Rijeka sphinx ballpoint pen sketch

Sphinx in a park in Rijeka done during my lunch break yesterday, ballpoint pen in a sketchbook.

Rijeka fragments - arched entrance and portal statue

Arched building entrance (did in a few minuted while I was waiting for my bus) and a portal statue done quickly during today's lunch break. Ballpoint pen in a sketchbook.

Thinking of blog post titles is a pain in the ass so I try to be descriptive.

Summer trip No 2

Back from my Serbia trip. Sketching was almost a total failure, only got these 2 sketches to show:

House watercolor sketchLandscape watercolor sketch

Watercolor in my cheap Lega-lega sketchbook that wrinkles badly so the quality is blah.

Kastav belfry and Rijeka fragments

Kastav belfry ballpoint pen sketch

Belfry of the Saint Helena church in Kastav done in ballpoint pen in a sketchbook.

Rijeka fragments - Palazzo Adria, winged lion and Capuchin church window - ballpoint pen and watercolor

Fragments of Rijeka - back side door on Palazzo Adria and a winged lion on a portal done in ballpoint pen, and a Capuchin church window done in watercolor in a sketchbook. I did the window standing up and it was quite challenging to balance everything with one hand.

Urban and people sketching spree

Here are some of the sketches done in the past few days.

Watercolor sketches - front door with ironwork and foliage over the stairs

Details seen from my friend's veranda. Watercolor and ballpoint pen in a Lega-lega sketchbook.

Girl meditating sketch

My friends meditating. She didn't stand still too long so it's not very accurate. Watercolor pencil.

Portal statues in Rijeka watercolor sketchŽabica watercolor sketch

Nice statues near my office I did before work done in watercolor, and view from the office balcony I did during the lunch break, ballpoint pen and watercolor.

dog pen sketchesportrait sketches and a foot sketch in ballpoint penGirl sitting sketch in ballpoint pen

Quick sketches I did at my friend's house. Her brother's dog that wouldn't stand still for 2 seconds, and my friends.

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