Complete Animus work-in-progress

Finally done :) I finished it yesterday at 1:30 A.M., photographed it this morning before work, and now I've completed these work in progress pieces.

Animus acrylic ink wip
Animated GIF

  1. Pencil sketch
  2. Background painted in diluted ultramarine acrylic paint (full view of this step is missing, but you can see it here), then painted colorful doodles with acrylic and drawn music with ink
  3. First layer of robe in cyan
  4. Completed face skin, some work on the arms and a layer of magenta over the robe
  5. Painted the hair and antlers with ink wash, some details on the arms, and a layer of mars black over the robe (big mistake, now parts have a greenish tone)
  6. Fixed the eyes and arms a bit, added some highlights on the antlers and arms with white acrylic, a bit of pure black ink on the robe and several more layers of ultramarine and magenta, plus another layer of ultramarine on the background. Voilla!

Finished painting:


Acrylic and ink wash on watercolor paper, 32x50cm. I don't know how many hours because I've lost count.


Zaki Khalid

Highly impressive! Is there a particular reason for having an aquatic theme here? :)


Thank you! :)
There are numerous reasons, and the symbolic of the work is quite complex and has a lot of personal meaning - after all, I painted my view of *my* Animus ;)
Some hints: the deep ocean with all its mysteries is often used as a metaphor for subconscious; the basis of subconscious activity is emotional, and emotions are of the water element; in astrology Neptune is the ruler of astrological sign Pisces and the natural ruler of 12th house which has to do with the subconscious and hidden (this especially has personal relevance).