Drawing class, part VII

More drawing class. I decided to try watercolor because I suck at it, which is pretty obvious from exhibit No.1:

watercolor portrait

So today, I tried again. For the first I had a small statue as a reference. Still sucking.

watercolor horse

And the other one was from a book about Lipizzan horses. Of course, the scanner ate most of the very subtle tones, but nevermind.

watercolor horse

I think the last one is not so bad.



Oh,I love the last one. I think it's your best so far.

Water colors are so hard to work with, but the end results are so beautiful.


Thanks, Aelyn :) I agree it is my best, but only because the rest are *really* bad haha :P
My friend's mom is an excellent watercolor painter and I'll definitely ask her for some lessons because I love the effects... especially when combined with a more "sharp" technique like ink. If you read this comment, check out these illustrations: http://tinyurl.com/hanak-bambi


Those are amazing, I love the combination. I can't wait to see art like that from you.