Drawing used to be the last thing on my mind

Some kids know it from the start.
I was never one of them.
At first, I didn't know one can do it for living.
Later, I met many kids who were so much better than me, I thought to myself there's no point in even trying.
I was the bright one when it came to math, physics, chemistry and one of the best in programming, so I decided to persuade a career in science.
By the end of high school, my mind was already set in stone — I had no idea I'd change it in less than a year.

I was never the most talented kid in class when it came to drawing. Apart from the regular art class, I never drew anything for myself. If I did, I was so unsatisfied with it that it ended up in the trash bin right away. For this reason I don't have any of my drawings from age 6 to 14 — if they were good, teachers took them and put them in their folders, from which they chose a few to exhibit in the school hall — my works were sometimes chosen, but even if they weren't, we never got them back. They ended up in a box in some closet, meaning nothing to anyone. Perhaps after all these years, they even threw them away. The only art I created at that time is lost, forever.

But thanks to my mom, I have a bunch of notebooks full of drawings I made when I was little. From the earliest abstract scribbles at age 2, to Mickey Mouse and other comic characters I was obsessed with at that time.
I don't like to go back in time, because the happiest days I ever had are happening now. But looking at my old drawing always makes me smile.

Nela, age 5



i lol´d


Sometimes it doesn't take realization early on to be sucessful. Most times it actually isn't.

I love art, but I could never do this as a living. I haven't learned how to make art my own yet, and I really respect you for being able to. I really wish you the best with your career.


@Silventus: I lol every time :P

@Joy: I've heard many such success stories, but it doesn't happen to everyone. I have backup plans, so if illustration & animation don't work, there's always web design...
"Making art your own" is merely allowing your thoughts to project on paper, whatever they are. I know it's easier said than done... but it works for me. Drawing skill is a bigger problem to me than inspiration.
Thank you very much :)


i am amazed by your work you remeind me alot of myself but i have yet to develop the skills of drawing faces:D