eyes & lips

I'm not lazy, I was just very busy during the past week. Here's something from my sketchbook. (a couple of lips referenced from Jack Hamm, see books list for details.)

eyes and lips sketches



Mmm.. Juicy lips. .. :)


The eyes are so pretty! and the expressions in them.. never knew there were so many ways to draw lips..

Just went through the rest of your sketches.. . I love the one w/the hand and foot and the ballpoint Caravaggio.. those details are pretty cool.


@Maja: hehe, prepoznaješ li ih? :D

@Aelyn: thank you! hehe me neither, but this book is amazing. the drawings are mostly 40's styled, but still very helpful.
I'm glad you like them, they're the only sort-of-finished work I've done lately.


i am impressed! you are gifted. i remember how my best friend, long time ago when cell phones were not so complicated yet, she would scour around for images of the eyes that she could upload on her phone.




hello! I found your blog randomly but I really liked what you're doing here, so I ended up looking a bit into your archives. You're doing a great job in your sketches :) I was actually a little inspired to do a blog like this for my own sketches :P


Skroz fino Nela, mmm zanimljive su ove usne. :))


hi guys, thank you for your lovely comments :) it's been ages since I updated this place, shame on me.

@SexyMom: thanks :) I love to draw eyes, I think that's the most occurring motive of my doodles.

@Maja: ne znam odakle mi njene usnice, ali dobro :) moje su, duh! (mislim na ovih donjih 5)

@goomy: thanks :) I'm glad you've decided to make such a blog yourself, share the link if you wish, I'd like to see it.

@monkey: hvala :D


You are really good at drawing ... I love drawing eyes, but they are rubbish in comparison to yours.


thanks. practice makes perfect ;)


im also fine artist thats y i willing to say some where u need to improve ur shading ur shading nice but not too good ok thankx God bless u im pakistani