Father Cedrik WIP

I made a fan art for Zoran, writer of Izvršitelji nauma Gospodnjeg (literal translation: Executers of the Lord's intention) which was exhibited this week in Maribor, Slovenia at the presentation of the novel together with some Zoran's photos (will add a link when I upload photos).

Father Cedrik is a priest, whose lifetime of battles with vampires, witches and the possessed turned him into a fanatic. He was one of the most prominent characters in the novel, and in great deal a parody of the Church's bad sides.
The 100x70cm (40x27 in) poster has already been printed and exhibited, but I will continue working on it because I think it has a lot of potential.
The file is huuuuge, 8352x11811 px, my computer and tablet were giving me a very hard time.

Father Cedrik WIP
Father Cedrik detail