Fun with waterbrushes

My Pentel Aquash waterbrushes just arrived! I had to test them right away :) I used watercolor pencils on A5 sketchbook with watercolor paper.

Waterbrush drawings

This is the castle of Tarsatica, and a part of the mausoleum. I did the drawing from observation with fine-liner (non-waterproof, ugh) a few weeks ago, but the northern wind was hard I froze up there and decided to color it at home.

Trsatska gradina

The waterbrushes are very interesting and I liked using them, although the flow of water will take some getting used to and I suppose I will still rely on regular brushes a lot for precise work.

And a bonus, one very old (2010?) ink sketch of my old apartment that was in the same sketchbook.

ink sketch

I was supposed to get a new scanner today, but the delivery guy came when I was still at work, so he'll bring it tomorrow. So hopefully these are the last photos of drawings I have to post, it got very annoying.