Handmade mini pocket watercolor box

I finally made myself a tiny watercolor box I can always carry with me :) The Sakura Koi set is lovely, but I don't have room for it on most days. The trouble was, I live in the backwater second world country, and I couldn't find Altoids or other similar candy anywhere, nor the empty half pans and full pans, which most people use because they work so awesome together.
A few days ago I stumbled into a new Durex product called Love-Box which seemed perfect for my project! And here it is in all its glory:

Handmade mini pocket watercolor tin

I saw people making palettes out of polymer clay such as this one, or this one, but I think too much space is wasted by this solution, and the clay is dead weight. And of course, I wanted to be able to move the paint to a new box if need be, or replace paint if I change my mind etc. Turns out my box could fit exactly 9 Scrabble tiles (you're wondering how I remembered to check that? so do I) so I used a tile as a measuring guide.
The process of making these pans was tedious, and I accidentally squished them a few times, so I would not recommend you to do the same thing unless you are a really neat and patient person. But it worked for me!

Handmade polymer clay empty pans

I divided the box lid into 4 wells using acrylic sealant (hot glue gun works just as well) and when it dried, I sprayed the inside of the box and the pans with white acrylic.

Watercolor sketch box, empty

After it has dried throughly, I squeezed the tubes of paint I selected into the pans.
8 colors are from the tube, and one is a half pan in its original plastic which fit in perfectly. All paints are student grade.

  • Lemon yellow (Le Franc & Bourgeois)
  • Brilliant red (Le Franc & Bourgeois)
  • Quinacridone magenta (Maimeri Venezia)
  • Ultramarine blue (Le Franc & Bourgeois)
  • Cerulean blue (Maimeri Venezia)
  • Pthalo green (Maimeri Venezia)
  • Burnt sienna (Le Franc & Bourgeois)
  • Raw sienna (Maimeri Venezia)
  • Payne's gray (Winsor & Newton Cotman)

The box is a tiny thing measuring only 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.8cm, and Love-Box designs are very stylish.

My hand with the watercolor box

I'm spending this long weekend on the island in my parents' house, and I will take my pretty tiny box everywhere! ♥ And hopefully, come back with a lot of sketches to show.

P.S. The 30 day drawing challenge is currently on hold. I may catch up for the weekend.



great work!


Thanks, Alex! :)


Upsidedown lego blocks are great for pans too. Twist out the center post with a pair of pliers and you have an empty watercolor pan that can attach to a flat lego piece glued upsidedown into the tin. :)


That's a nice tip, CP, thanks! :)
I haven't thought of that, as I don't have any Legos handy...