Jewelry design - from sketch to reality

Whoever has been watching my sketchblog knows my sketchbook is filled with swirls, as is the case with any paper that comes into my hands when I'm bored. Last week I was sketching some logos for a company at work, and that wasn't going very well - but I got an idea for something else, sketched it in a few minutes, ripped the piece of paper and put it in my bag. Later while driving in a bus I gave it some more thought and made the sketch on the right in my moleskine.

Jewelry sketches

10 hours of hard work later, the pendant became real, and is so far my best jewelry work.

Rose cameo choker

And I still have a bunch of sketches awaiting...

EDIT: Follow up post: Jewelry design - from sketch to reality II



I didn't know you designed jewelry! It looks amazing... I envy your wire work, it's beautiful. The polymer clay rose is a great idea... does it rest on fabric or more clay?

I'd love to see more.


Thanks, Aelyn! :) I wish I had a chance to do it more often :)
The black base is also polymer clay, it would have been hard to attach the rose to other material (I don't put too much trust in glue since it failed me before).


This is so beautiful! :-)


Thank you :)


.....beautifull,, are the best!!!!!!!


The design almost looks like a hand mirror! I found a great article on polymer clay you all may enjoy....


i just cant understand wat is dis is it a border of a saree


Vannessa, thank you :) Unfortunately your link didn't work..

Ella, I'm sorry but I don't understand your question, what is a "saree"?


is awsome, love your piece of work


Thanks, Jessica! :)