Jewelry design - from sketch to reality II

Lately I've been mostly sketching just jewelry and other handmade items, but I'm reluctant to share them before I'm done with the project itself. So I decided to share some old sketches (some up to 3 years old!) that in the end got turned into jewelry.

Click on the images to see the finished piece in my gallery.

jewelry sketch velvet lace cameo choker
velvet lace cameo choker

jewelry sketch cameo brooch
cameo brooch

jewelry sketch anatomic heart brooch

jewelry sketch bat hair sticks

jewelry sketch bunny hairband

And my newest piece I finished a few days ago:

jewelry sketch dragonfly swamp brooch

I hope you enjoyed the fashion show :D

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Cute! I want that bunny! :D


the last one with the dragonfly is amazing; i want it.


Thank you, glad you all like it :)
Both the bunny hairband and dragonfly brooch were birthday gifts to my friends.


hi,iam like your design,.....iam also have jewllery design but i dont know how to sell my design,....can you guide me?
tank you,...


Hi Shery, glad you like my jewelry!
Sorry but I can't offer business advice, since I'm not trying to sell my jewelery yet.
There are many blogs and tutorials out there on how to market your handmade business, go google them, I'm sure you'll find something useful.


tanx dear nela,...