Michelangelo studies I

I love antiquarian bookstores. Not only because the books are cheap, but because some of the books available there have been out of print for decades.
I found a little monograph of Michelangelo's sculptures from 1969. - a great reference source.
Here's a first batch of my charcoal sketches.

Michelangelo study: Christ - legs
Michelangelo study: gesture sketches
Michelangelo study: Bacchus



hi, just stumbled upon your site and found a link here. you sketch nice. i really can't sketch, i'm stupid at human figures lol landscape painting is my forte, but i sadly don't have time to do that. anyway, the body proportion of the last figure seems out of the ordinary. well, i think it's probably because you based it on the old way of counting proportions for the body ( 3 head widths = shoulder width, etc.). but still, wouldn't the modern proportion look nicer? longer legs.. etc. just a thought! you're a great artist, and i admire your works! kudos!


hi preckie, thank you for your input :)
I'm in the middle of figure studying, and I am aware there are differences between the old masters' proportions and modern, but I haven't bothered focusing on them yet because I think it's early for that. When I draw personal works I distort proportions at will, but when studying I try to keep the copy accurate.
thank you ;)