nude chicks

First I sketched a few figures using reference, and they didn't turn out too well. Then I tried a few figures from my head, using principles I learned from Mr. Jack Hamm and they turned out much better than copied ones.
The right one is a quick study for my next drawing. I still haven't decided on the clothing, and whether I will draw it digitally or traditionally.

nude girls sketch



There's this artist by the name of Riven Phoenix that offers DVD's of this teachings of the human structure. You can youtube some samples of his DVD set beforehand. He's really great and I'm thinking of buying them:


Bravo..Kao i uvijek odličan rad...Proporcije su super...


@Leo: I've seen him, so far I've watched 2 or 3 which are just basics I already know so I'm not impressed yet, but I heard his lessons are good. We'll see. I've been learning anatomy mostly from Hamm and Peck (check out the "About" page, I have my books listed).

@Shubek: hvala, radim na tome :)