random typography

Sometimes I pull out my sketchbook only to realize I don't have any idea what to draw (yes, it happens even to me, now more than ever), so I just write random words in hope some day perhaps I will make a font or two.

The first one is one of my regular "lectures are boring".

sketchbook page 39 - typography

The second one was made during a V:tR RPG session.

sketchbook page 40 - typography

As usual, black ballpoint pen. Lyrics are from the Tori Amos song "Icicle" (though I got one word wrong, blah).

If you're interested in nice typography, go check the I love Typography blog, some good stuff gets posted there..

Seems life my sketchblog features more text and less images with every entry, I'll refrain from doing that... but all the things I draw at class remain there so I don't have much left to post.