I removed these images from my gallery, so I thought I'd post them here since I'm rather proud of them. Both are from nearly 2 years ago, January 2006.

Oil lamp

crab's arm

I started drawing in summer 2005, and I had no previous drawing experience. I drew Kidush out of boredom, and next thing I knew people were praising my pencil work. That made me all enthusiastic about drawing so I did some photo-referenced portraits, but then a wise man said that drawing from photo reference is not so good, and that I should draw from life. And that's what I did.
Then I started drawing people, and they pointed out how my anatomy is all messed up. That's when I left still life and started sketching people, faces, skulls and bones, muscles and body parts... And while I think I made progress, I'm sad to see how I've become so impatient, I never thought about sitting in front of a inanimate object and draw it for hours again. It seemed so much easier before.



aside from geometry errors theyre perfect...both with line quality and shading.

keep working