Rooted in the past

I almost forgot I had a sketchblog (and a sketchbook, for that matter). I must have had the least productive month (or two) in the past year. Now I'm slowly getting out of this apathetic phase. Here's something I did a few weeks ago — an experiment in mixing traditional and digital media, though it's very far from what I intended and I'm not happy with it.

Ballpoint pen sketch, traditional painting (textures), photos, digital painting... I suppose you can recognize which is which.

Rooted in the past
Rooted in the past detail



The hands and arms are photographed, amirite *questionmark


This is an awesome photo ART render. I absolutely love it!! I am a photographer, writer and engineer. I have taken up photography this past 2 years. I am just now learning the photo software. I wonder how you got the really cool textures in your hair? ... Anyhow, I was writing to see if I could use your image as an accompaniment to a poem I just wrote on duality. I would post this on my blog only and clearly post a statement saying that the image is copyrighted to you and that all rights remain reserved. I'd be happy to share the poem with you for your use in return. It is a short poem ... may even fit on a business card? Entirely up to you. Either way. I truly do LOVE this image.


Hey Isabelle, thank you for your comment! I'm glad that you like my work.

Now since you didn't comment on "Duality" post but this image here, I don't know if your question about textures concerns this image or the other, but I suppose the answer is similar - a lot of textures I use in photo-manipulations are done with photos and brushes I made from textured stuff, but there is also a lot of painting involved in each image, so I would have to know exactly which effect you mean to answer precisely.

I allow you to publish the image on your blog, under condition that you link to my web site (either this one, or