Sheep skulls I

I completely forgot I had a sheep skull in a box lying around. I've been planning to make something with it, but before that I'll do some still life studies because bones are always such an interesting subject.

The first one I did last night. Just a general study. I used black and white sketching pencils, and red watercolor pencils.

sheep skull drawing

Today's one was an attempt at comic-like drawing with a marker and ink, but as you can see I'm not very good at it, the lines are pretty messy. I suppose stippling would work much better here. Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.

sheep skull drawing

I found this skull last spring I think, while I was walking with my mom through a village I used to live in when I was a kid. I saw it on the ground and said, "Hey look!". We paused, and then she asked, "Are you going to take it?" Of course I wanted to take it, but I'm so used to her being grossed out about everything, especially me picking up dead things from the ground and bringing them in the house (mostly insects) that I was reluctant to bring it up. So I guess this was her way of saying "It's OK, I accept you as a weirdo you are, you're a grown up now and I don't mind if you carry a sheep's skull in your bag." How nice of her.

Anyway. I'll be doing studies of this skull in a variety of techniques so I may bore you to hell with it. Sorry.



beautiful. :)


Thankies! <3