Sketchbook update

The first drawing is something I sketched a few weeks ago, and goes well with the rest of today's sketchbook pages.

doll face

The next two are sketched today, during lectures.
During one class some guy I never saw before sat next to me. I was paying attention to the class for a while, and then I noticed drawing movements of his hand. I couldn't see what it was, but he seemed like he knew what he was doing. (Mental note: I have to take a video of myself when I'm drawing, because other's people's movements always seem so different than mine!) I was thinking of asking him about it, but changed my mind. I guess I am a shy person after all.
But I should be looking for such people around me. I feel like a misfit sometimes.
Anyway, here's the stuff.

random eyes and faces
girl with a kite

Black and red ballpoint pen.



I feel like I draw differently from the rest too! But yeah, your shyness can be understood. I'm incredibly shy.

I fell in love with the first drawing of the face. The red makes it look so interesting, and I love the hair.

The others are very good too. I love the transparency of the face in the second drawing, showing the skull behind the skin. Good work =)


The point is, I'm not that shy, I can go to a colleague I never talked to and ask him to lend me his notes... but I felt this would be invading his privacy or something.

Thank you :)
The face was just red at first, and later I decided to add more depth with black.
It's good to see how features are superposed to the skull, I have a couple of those in my sketchbooks. It's a fun anatomy practice, I recommend it.


very nice
keep it up