Sketchbook update: art journal edition

I barely find the time to scan all my sketches and post them here, so I selected a few of the most interesting ones from the previous month. In today's post I have the ones that I do when just I want to relax or process stuff that's bothering me.

Surreal swirly female figure ink sketch

This doodle was done with a Sakura Micron fineliner and Pentel brush pen in a Canson sketchbook.

Art journal spread - Gouache paint, pastels and color pencils in a Moleskine sketchbook

I started on the right page because I was in pain because of my period and I felt really crappy, but then I decided to spread over to the left page which was covered in ink doodles and paint over that.
Gouache paint, pastels and color pencils in a Moleskine sketchbook.

Ink and colored pencil doodle

Pentel brush pen and colored pencils in a Canson sketchbook.

Dream journal - Gouache paint and colored pencil

This weird fellow appeared in my dream where I watched a video of a woman artist painting and the painting kept changing all the time. Actually my drawing looks nothing like it because the vision faded soon after I woke up, but the colors and the bird-man shape were what I remembered.
Gouache paint and colored pencil in a Canson sketchbook.

Paper cutting and watercolor

This was an experiment I did. I wanted to try paper cutting for a long time, but never had a proper scalpel. Then I bought a scalpel and a cutting mat and this is my first try. I cleaned it up a bit, but the paper tore in a couple of places, obviously I'm a beginner at this.
Paper cutting and watercolor in a Canson sketchbook.

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