SketchCrawl portraits

Today a few of my friends met up at a coffee shop at the top of a building with a nice view, and we sketched for 2 hours. Unfortunately our obligations didn't allow us to spend the entire day sketching like we did last time. Here are my 2 sketches:

Pencil portrait on toned paper

My friend Maja done with sanguine, black and white pencils on toned paper.

Watercolor little girl portrait

Maja's little sister Nina done with watercolor in a sketchbook.

And here are some photos so you can compare haha! :)
My sketching partners Nina, Josipa and Maja happily sketching away:

SketchCrawl sketching

And here are Nina, me and Maja with our portraits: Nina's drawing of me, and my drawings of Nina and Maja. (We forgot to include Nina's drawing of Maja which is also wonderful!)

SketchCrawl results

Next time we're spending an entire afternoon sketching outside, promise :)


Delighted Muse

So neat! I've never been on a SketchCrawl, though I have been to the Urban Sketchers' blog. I do want to draw people walking around the city, but I'm always worried I'll offend a stranger if I try to draw them.


Thanks! :)
I'm very queasy about drawing strangers too, but I did it a few times, on a beach too.
I'm actually more worried about people complaining that my drawing doesn't look like them! :D

It's easier when you're in company, that's why group sketchcrawls are so fun. However, you're also likely to attract more attention when in a group. But you also won't care as much as if you were alone :))

I also pick subjects that are turned away so they can't see me, which is less useful for portrait practicing, but it's just as useful if you're planning to draw scenes with people in different poses.