Small city sketches

Here are a few really, really quick sketches (2-5 minutes) I did yesterady and today in my small teNeues sketchbook, with a black watercolor pencil and a waterbrush.

city sketchesclub sketchRijeka sketch

Scenes from my neighbourhood and some guy in a bus in front of me on first picture, on the second one the interior of a club I went to last night, and the third is a view in the center of my city, Rijeka.
And here are some fragments from my big Moleskine sketchbook done with a brush pen and watercolor pencil + waterbrush. The bird statue and grotesque wall ornament are referenced from a book about Art Nouveau architecture in Rijeka.


You may see a calligraphy test too which doesn't look very good, and the brush pen strokes look faded, which is why I was very disappointed with this sketchbook.