Small statue sketches

More quick sketches in my small teNeues sketchbook, with a black watercolor pencil and a waterbrush.

Statue of a woman sketchStatue of Ivan Zajc sketch

The statue of a woman is made of stone, and this sketch took about 10 minutes. The second is a statue of Ivan Zajc cast in bronze, it took around 5 minutes and doesn't look very good because I was sitting far away and my eyesight is terrible.



I think you should focus more on the construction of certain figures/elements you see. Brake everything to basic forms and build from that, this way your figures wan't give much stronger and more static impression.
Other than that I can honestly say your rendering of tone is really good. Keep it up!


Thanks! :)
You're right about that. I don't do much construction when sketching, I go by the "feeling" since constructing takes me a lot of time and I wanted to do these sketches really quick. I need to invest more time and make it an integral part of my drawing.