some trees

I went out for a walk and drew some trees with charcoal. I'm trying to overcome my fear of drawing in front of people. Every time someone passed by I twitched and tried to hide my drawing :/
Anyway, white pencil over charcoal gives an awful result (as seen of first picture) so there shouldn't be even a little charcoal on the parts to be highlighted... blah.
They got smudged a bit before I got home to fix them with a hairspray.

charcoal tree
charcoal tree
charcoal trees

Charcoal pencil on A4 yellow textured paper. Around 15 minutes each.



as for drawing in public, think of it this way - most people CAN'T draw, and quite a few of them look upon the ability to do so as almost magical. Even those with minor drawing skills are revered as amazing - just look at the responses to some of the mediocre art on youtube.

So be proud of your magical ability to create art! I can assure you that anyone who looks will be impressed!