Taking the Draw 100 challenge

Recently I stumbled across an excellent site with video tutorials ctrl+Paint. The majority of stuff discussed is something I already know (by reading the same literature the author has, presumably) but there are some things he explains clearer than I have seen anywhere else. And he also mentioned the Draw 100 approach to things we suck at. Like the author of the video, my weakest spot are arms. I'm blaming having very thin arms with no muscles for my difficulty with understanding how arm muscless are supposed to work :P and when I look at muscles in the photos, I'm just puzzled, like I can't accept that they really look that way. They look "wrong" to me. Weird, I know.
Well, here's a batch of 10 arm sets referenced from photos, using a red mechanical pencil and a 2B graphite pencil.

Arms drawing practice

I have tried the "Draw 50 heads in a month" challenge before and failed. It lasted for a couple of days and I managed to make maybe 5 before forgetting about it completely. Now, I won't commit to doing this in a month, but I hope to get to 100 eventually. I probably won't bother you with all of them.



These drawing of arms looks good to me, they are not wrong at all.
Thank you Nela for suggesting the video blog, It has very useful lectures and workflow tips. The 100 draw suggestion is the best advice I've ever heard, because practice is everything, and this is a perfect way to devote yourself to certain topic that you find it difficult to accomplish.
I see your latest commitment to this site, you have nice new images that show progress in technique. Keep up the good work, I hope to see more inspiring pieces...

greetings from Skopje


Thank you very much for your comment Ata :)
Well these are not wrong, but those I draw without photo reference often are. I have to memorize muscles correctly so that I can draw an arm from any point of view, which I'm not able to yet.
I'm glad you liked my recommendation, indeed I found these videos very helpful :)
Thanks again, and I will sure try to keep up with my progress.