The Sketchbook Project - Deception

Page 8 of The Sketchbook Project. TOZ colored pencils in a 12.5x18cm sketchbook.

The Sketchbook Project entry - mask hair portrait

I'm trying to speed things up, but I always end up drawing for 2 hours or more. But drawing hair relaxes me..



I totally understand the wanting-to-speed-up-the-process thing. It always seems like a fine line between "relaxing" and "overworking it and making it hard on yourself". I think you did great here!


Thank you! :)
Yeah, I would really like to limit the sketches in this project to let's say.. an hour, because at 2 hours they sort of lose their sketchy nature.
I will make some more detailed drawings or paintings of some of those sketches, since I'm rather fond of the themes I did.
But these are small drawings, and will be flipped through quickly, I'm not sure if all the detail would even be appreciated.