toilet sketches

My plan to draw every day this summer failed miserably. I did a few sketches of my co-workers which I gave away and that's it.
This is a sketch I did few months ago in the bus, and decided to shade it while I was on the toilet. Not kidding.


I still can't quite nail the figure without reference.
And here are two face sketches I did on the toilet earlier today. Really inspiring environment, I tell you.

more random female faces



If it makes you feel any better, I didn't work on my story at all.


too bad :( summer is always the least productive time of year for me. I can't even remember what I wasted it on.


I didn't really do anything last summer either. I just took a class ^^;;. However, I do love that dragon girl; quite sexy. Who ever knew the toilet environment could be so inspiring?


she's a succubus, actually :) and unfortunately I haven't portrayed her true sexiness well, but it's okay I guess.
I think it's about the "me time". when I'm in my room, there's so much to do, but while you're in the toilet you can just read or draw... or play the guitar, if you're like my friend's dad :P