trading cards

yay :) I've been planning to do this for a while. I only made three for now.
These are a couple of months old. Black Widow (left) is drawn with pencils and ink. The face is inked, a sort of a self-portrait.

art card 01 - Black widow art card 02 - Face part

I drew this shy lady today, using black fine-liner, silver marker, white gel pen and graphite.

art card 03 - Lady

You can see the silver parts on this bad web-cam photo. I still haven't gotten a new camera.
Anyway, if you make ATCs yourself and are willing to trade, let me know.



wow.. you are so amazingly talented. . i stayed on your site for hours just looking at your fantastic sketches. .
your soo good!! lol. . . just thought you should be aware of the fact that your wonderful.. =] <3 <3


thank you Lexii, that's very kind of you :)


Oh my gosh... is this your stuff aswell?? [] holy dooly, you are the most . . .i cant even put into words how amazing and talented you are!! =] <3 <3
[sorry if your getting sick of all my praise, but your just so damn good!! lol]


thank you! lol of course I'm not sick of it, it's always nice to hear people like your stuff ;)


lol, good. because im gonna keep telling you, like it or not, lol, sorry. =P <3 <3


I love how that trading card shines! ATC is art trading cards? just making sure, but it really is an interesting idea.

I love the glass from your still life study post. I've tried drawing transparent/see-through stuff but it never works that well for me. That textured paper looks like a fun medium to work with though I can imagine it being difficult to draw on..

And I really like the red ink sketches too =)


Thank you :)

yep, that's it :) I'd like to trade some with you people I've known for a while, so if you ever feel like it, let me know :)

I guess the secret to drawing transparent stuff is just draw what you see, not what you think that should be. Every invented detail makes it less believable.
This textured paper is great for loose drawings, and I've found it works well with watercolor pencils too.