Work in progress and my awesome workspace

My plan for yesterday failed because some mysterious aches put me in bed for the rest of the day, and today I spent the most of my afternoon wasting my time on the Internet until I pulled myself together and decided to at least start working my painting (see: Animus sketch).

So in case you were ever wondering what my classy artist's workspace looks like, here it is:

Yep, two boards on the floor, a pillow to sit or kneel on, and a bunch of tools lying around (more than I actually use, but better safe than sorry).

I'm always fighting this terrible fear of failing, and especially when working traditionally, so getting on from sketch is very stressful and I'm avoiding it as long as I possibly can. Sometimes for months (or even over a year, see: Underground fruits). I know I should just suck it up. I know it's the thing that's actually preventing me from making any progress (that, and laziness). I'm trying to get over it, but it's a fight, every single time. So this is what I have to do - start with the background, even if I can only spare an hour. So far there's nothing I could screw up beyond repair, so it's easy enough.

Well, this simple background took me a lot more time than I thought, but apart form a few details I think it's ok. I erased bits of line-art and tomorrow I'll work on the cape and the rest of the background. Maybe I even finish it, hm.