I'm Nela Dunato, a graphic designer and mixed media artist who also dabbles in lots of different arts and crafts.

I never formally studied art, design, nor writing, but through sheer passion I managed to create a career that allows me to design, write, and make art.

You may see my actual work on my official web site: Nela Dunato Art & Design. This blog has been a little dead lately, since I started writing regularly on my official blog – go check it out. I also have a new sketchbook gallery that features a selection of my looser work and studies.

You may also find me on Facebook and YouTube.

Artist Nela Dunato


You'll find tools and materials listed below every work. They include: graphite and charcoal pencils and sticks, mechanical pencil, india ink, fineliners, ballpoint pens, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, pastels, conté crayons, acrylic paint, watercolor, cardboard, canvas, polymer clay, plaster...

For my digital work I use a Wacom intuos3 large (A4) tablet (I used a small Genius tablet until July 2007), paint in Photoshop, and draw vectors in Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator.

Recommended books

I often reference books in my posts, and here is a selection of the books I recommend if you want to learn how to draw or design. (I own many, many, more but I wasn't equally impressed by them.)

Drawing & painting

Graphic design & lettering



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